Monday, 17 October 2016

Learn to paint your car

That's right!

Cheap and easy! Pant your car today!

So, you woke up this morning opened up the blinds and looked out of the window. There is your former pride and joy. The car you have had for a long time but sadly it's not looking the way it used to. It's rusty and has a few bumps and scuffs. You keep telling yourself one day ill paint my car. One day ill have the cash. Well one day will never come, lets be honest we put things off all the time and why? Because it's normally dead expesnive, lets face it we would rather spend it on something else.

Well what if you could spray paint your own car for less than $100. Sounds too good to be true? Well in most cases you could even get away with under $50 for small jobs. So if painting your own car is something your interested in then why not check out our latest guide! You don't need much all you need is the materials below and a lazy weekend and your good to go.

Tools for the job

  • Sandpaper - or sander
  • Buffer - tool or cloths
  • Undercoat - 2-3 layers
  • Basecoat - 3-4 layers
  • Top Coat (clear coat) 2 layers
Small list i know but that is really all you need to do this. It's fairly simple just bare in mind all paints have there very own curing times this can be anywhere from 30 minutes to a whole hour. So all in all your looking at a fair few hours to complete the job. Make sure you set aside the alloted time and do not drive the car around during the curing process. You will end up getting the paint dirty.


There is one only one rule when it comes to painting and that is to keep everything clean! trust me if you get dirt under the paint work it will cause bumps or worse cause the paint to flake off or crack. So keep everything clean and work under cover. Once your in a sheltered area and everything is clean and ready to go you


Grab yourself a dust mask your going to need it and get to sanding. Peel back all that paint right to the metal base. You want a base to work on. Make sure you get just outside the area that's needed to get a good base area to work with. Once you have sanded everything back clean the area. You can use a tiny bit of paint thinner to do this and remove any left over residue. Once the area is clean you can now apply the paint.

 Painting your own car

Apply the Undercoat slowly and thinly use around 3 layers just make sure you allow the paint to cure. Sometime the undercoat can have a rubbish finish just buff this out and clean the area. Now add the base coat 3 -4 layers. Don't apply it to thick but make sure it looks boss. Again buff out and clean any mess. Now add the last two layers of top coat and buff to finish. That's all there is to it. Wash and wax your car and then admire the hard work.

For a more in depth view on how to paint your car you should check out this paint your car guide

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